The Homeland Museum in Knjaževac
  • 08-16:00

The innovated archaeological exhibition is located in the left wing of the Museum building in Karadjordjeva Street. It was established as a permanent exhibition in 1996, after the revitalization of the building. The concept of the exhibition was prepared by Petar Petrović, PhD and archeologist Svetozar Jovanović and it was designed by architect Sima Gušić. It was innovated and opened to the public in 2010, along with the ethnological exhibition designed by Dušica Živković, the Museum ethnologist.

The archaeological collection contains over 2000 artifacts, found during 45 years of excavations in the municipality of Knjaževac. It contains a large number of significant and rare findings, as well as numerous objects typical of the Prehistoric, Antique or Middle Age periods.

Archaeological exhibition occupies both ground floor and the first floor of the left museum wing. The collections are presented thematically and chronologically and cover the Prehistoric, Ancient and Medieval periods. The numismatic collection is also a part of the permanent exhibition of the Homeland Museum.

The Prehistoric collection is located on the ground floor of the left wing. It contains items from the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Eneolithic, Bronze period and the Iron Ages. Artifacts from the Ancient and Medieval periods are exhibited three rooms on the first floor of the left building wing. The archaeological exhibition is additionally illustrated by charcoal drawings on canvas made by Dragoslav Živković.

A visit to the Museum begins with the municipality map showing a large number of registered sites in Knjaževac municipality.

The archaeological objects are exhibited in glass showcases on the basis of the periods to which they belong: