The Art Collection

Art department of the Homeland museum of Knjaževac takes care about visual and applied art collections (paintings, drawings, graphics, icons etc). It also carries out the organization and realization of exhibitions and other programs in the Museum, in collaboration with the Department for education and public relations. The Art Department and its collections are managed by the experts of the museum: senior curator and art historian Milena Milošević Micić and the expert associate, academic painter Dragoslav Živković, M.A.

The youngest and the smallest collection of the Homeland museum of Knjaževac, but not less significant is the collection of fine arts, formed in 2008. This collection contains almost 500 art pieces: paintings, graphics, drawings, icons, sculptures and reproductions. The collection has been divided into several units, not only artistic but also documentary: the collection of homeland painter’s artworks, collection of Dragoslav Živković’s artworks, collection of contemporary painters’ artworks, collection of icons, etc. It was founded with the idea to present artists from Knjaževac and its surrounding, and all the works of art made by those artists who used to live or stay in Knjaževac for a period of time, pointing out the presence of diverse styles and various artistic scopes. Apart from its artistic value, the collection has a documentary value. It is an evidence of the social and cultural development of Knjaževac. Its task is also to represent some of the most significant people and events from the period after the liberation from the Turks in 1833 until the middle of the XX century, without excluding of documentary and informative character of some of the works. However its character is not only a local one, but it also includes the purchase of Serbian contemporary artworks.

The art collection fund was formed in conformity with the concept of the Homeland Museum, but for a long period the works of art were collected randomly and without a plan. In the year 2008 the collection was systematized and organized for the museum with clearly specifying the methods of collecting, scientific processing and keeping the works of artists from Knjaževac, and those who lived ad created in this town for a period of time, and how to further purchase and procure the works of contemporary painting.

The most important part of the art collection is a series of portraits of the most prominent citizens of Knjaževac, as well as icons painted by Milisav Marković from Knjaževac in the late XIX century. Exquisite parts of the Homeland museum’s art collection represents the artworks of academic painters from Knjaževac Dragoslav Živković, M.A., Milinko Koković, Miroslav Bata Blagojević - Cincar and Dragoljub Sandić.


Dragoslav Živković

A very special and important place in the Museum’s art fund stands for the collection of Knjaževac’s academic painter Dragoslav Živković, M.A. a significant Serbian and internationally recognized contemporary artist. This collection is not numerous, but it is essential for the Homeland museum of Knjaževac, since the majority of the works was created mainly for the purposes of new permanent exhibitions of the Museum. The rest of the collection represents mostly the artist’s early artworks and they are a gift from the author himself.

The idea and intention was that the art of Dragoslav Živković should give a visual identity to the Homeland museum of Knjaževac, from exhibition spaces to publications and promotional material of the museum. Dominating position in the collection have a distinctive charcoal drawings made on canvas such as Prehistory, the Roman legionnaires - Timacum Minus, Chanting to the ring, Knjaževac and others exposed in the permanent exhibition of the museum. Like a few early works – acts, dry pastel drawings o Babin Zub, pastel drawing on canvas from 1998 and a few unavoidable, authentic and unusual oil paintings like Lady from Knjaževac and Carnival. The collection of the Homeland Museum in Knjaževac was added by works owned by the author himself or Momčilo Todorović, a collector from Belgrade. The collection of Dragoslav Živković is exposed in a separate section in the museum gallery in Karadjordjeva 15, as a significant part of the permanent exhibition of the Homeland museum of Knjaževac.

Homeland Artists

This, by the number, modest collection consists of several collections. Works of native artists make a separate collection. It represents the works of contemporary painters from Knjaževac, such as: academic painter - graphic artist Dragoljub Sandić, the author of the Museum’s logo as well as numerous posters and publications of the Museum; Milinko Koković – academic painter that lives and works in Belgrade and who gave his early art works as legacy to the Museum; Miroslav Bata Blagojević Cincar; Rade Ristić, whose pedagogical work and activities in the field of industrial design and marketing, has marked the period of 80’s of the 20th century in Knjaževac, Tomislav Paunković internationally recognized artist who lives and works in Germany; Slaviša Mirković, an art teacher and exceptional painter, young artists Vojislav Marković, academic graphist and Aleksa Marković, academic sculptor, Marija Andrejević, young and talented academic painter, Žarko Aleksić and Jelena Micić who deal with contemporary media, art teachers Goran Milosavljević and Marina Novaković, archpriest Sima Žikić, watercolorist Nenad Corelj and many others.

XIX-XX century painting

This collection is composed of several smaller collections, systematized according to the technique and time of origin. There is a collection of icons painted on wood or metal in the late 19th and early 20th century, largely by the hand of unknown icon painters.

The collection contains several Russian icons imported to Serbia from Russia in large numbers in the nineteenth century, then a group of icons – painted by zografs – icon painters working in Southern Serbia and Macedonia in the mid-19th century, Milisav Marković icons on wood and metal, works of Milan Besarabić, Milivoj Nikolajević and Mladen Josić,work of Sima Žikić and several graphics. This collection is followed by a collection of liturgical objects, vessels and books, vestments and insignia and other objects of applied art.

Contemporary painters

This is collection of art works created in the second half of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century.

These are works of eminent academic painters such as: Branislav Dinić, Mirko Trimčević, Ciga Milenković, Slobodan Jovanović Dobrotin, Jagoda Živadinović and others, that the Museum has purchased or received as gifts from individuals or related institutions.